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Buy ansomone 100iu HGH .

Buy ansomone 100iu HGH If you want to know more about: Ansomon is a recombinant human growth hormone, that is, obtained artificially in a laboratory. Ansomon is a powerful anabolic hormone, which contributes to the increase in muscle mass, relief, and muscular density.

-The natural level of growth hormone in the blood of middle-aged person fluctuates within 1-3 mg/ml, with the introduction of only 5 units of Ansomon, the concentration increases to 5-10 times from the norm, when 10 units of Ansomon are administered 15-20 times. The effect acts as a smooth background for 6-9 hours, during the first 30-40 minutes after injection, the level of growth hormone is gaining its weighted average level, then there is a peak, and a gradual decrease.

The effect.

Let’s note what Buy ansomone 100iu HGH effects are:

Increased muscle mass (anabolic function). This is achieved mainly due to hyperplasia, that is, an increase in the number of muscle cells.
Prevention of muscle destruction (anti-catabolic function). The main peak of destructive processes for our muscles occurs during a lack of nutrition, the growth hormone in this situation comes to our aid and ensures the flow of glucose into the blood from fat cells.
Fat burning. Somatotropin is a very powerful natural fat burner, it helps to use reserve energy reserves from fat stores, thereby reducing the amount of subcutaneous and visceral fat in the body.
Growth of bones in length and thickness. It is worth explaining that bone growth in length is possible only with open growth zones, you can check this by making an entire body MRI in any diagnostic.
Hair color, the strength of nails, bones, ligaments, tendons and other connective tissues.
Injury recovery. Ansomon has a significant contribution to the acceleration of the healing of injuries, many athletes from the world of iron sport like this drug for its life-giving properties.
Obstruction of aging, improvement of general tone. Growth hormone smooths wrinkles, increases vital energy. Ansomon strengthens immunity due to its anabolic properties.
Method of application
There are several ways of applying Ansomon, depending on your goal, they can be divided into the main 4 options.

A set of muscle mass. In this case, daily injections are recommended in the amount of 5-10 units of Ansomon for 3-6 months. Time for injection: morning and after a workout. For example, if you have a training day and your daily dosage is 10 units, do 5 units in the morning, and 5 units after training will increase the effect of the application. If you have a rest day, do 10 units in the morning, or 5 units in the morning and 5 units throughout the day, guided by your personal feelings. The main rule: injections should be carried out during the period of the minimum amount of glucose in the blood, this is the natural environment for the long life of growth hormone.

The purpose of fat burning. The course lasts until you reach the desired condition, but no more than 6 months.

Recovery after injury. A single daily injection of 5 units for 1-3 months will create a miracle with your problem spots. Eat more protein foods, and also it is recommended to add to the diet special supplements related to the class of chondroprotectors (glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen, sulfur).

Anti-Aging Therapy. With this option consult a doctor.

Injections of Ansomon are made subcutaneously, optimally into the fat fold on the abdomen with the help of an insulin needle. Intramuscular injections are also possible, this will speed up the flow of the active substance into the bloodstream.


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